What Should You Wear to a Welding Interview – Advice From a Real World Welding Employer

I’ve been running a welding business for the last 12 years and hiring new employees is one of those jobs I’ve become quite familiar with over the years. In that time I’ve seen all kinds of people come through my door and there are some things that make a potential candidate great and things that don’t

At a welding interview, it’s good to wear similar clothes that you would be working in. This would include a clean long sleeve 100% cotton button-down shirt, cotton work pants or jeans, and steal-toe work boots. Also, bring your welding helmet and gloves just in case they want you to do a welding test.

In the rest of this article, I’m going to share the things I look for in a quality employee, what they should wear and not wear to a welding interview.

What Should You Wear to a Welding Interview

How you dress when you show up at my welding shop say a lot about who you are as a person. Whether you’re just dropping by to fill out an application or drop off a resume you need to put your best foot forward.

This doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit or dress business casual even. Instead you want to show looking the part. Most welders wear clothes that would be similar to what they would have while working on the job.

I once had someone show up in dirty ratty-looking clothes at my shop. At first, I was a little disturbed however I still gave him a chance and let him fill out an application. I even gave him a weld test but in the end when I had to make a choice I chose the person who took a little more pride in their look because I knew they would take pride in their work as well.

So what should you wear when you go to a welding interview? Here a few things to consider.

Welding Shirt or Leathers

First, you’ll want to bring a welding shirt. You can wear a regular t-shirt but you’ll also want to bring along a welding shirt or even welding leathers.

The reason for this is because most employers will likely ask you to fill out an application but you’ll want to be ready to do an on-the-spot formal interview. However, one thing we like to do is conduct a weld test.

Some companies like to set up a specific time to do a weld test but I find just doing it when applicants show up is way faster and if my welding shop does it’s likely other businesses do this as well.

So my best advice here is to be prepared for all options and bring or wear a 100% cotton shirt in case they want to do a weld test.

Jeans or Work Pants

You’ll also want to wear a decent pair of work pants. Again this doesn’t need to be a suit or a pair of caches. A good pair of jeans or 100% cotton work paints will do fine here.

Again, if the employer ask you to do a weld test you want to be prepared to do it.


Finally, you’ll want to wear a sturdy pair of work boots. I personally wear steel-toe work boots. This is what I wear when I’m welding and most of all most shops and factories require that you have steel toe boots.

I find Redwing steel toe boots to be the best option but Caterpillar also has good selection at more favorable pricing.

What do I Need to Bring to a Weld Test

Beyond what you need to wear to a welding job interview their are some things you’ll also want to consider bringing along. This all might seem a bit much but employers like people who are prepared and ready. If you can do that when you’re just doing a welding test then they’ll realize how prepared and ready you’ll be when you have to do your job.

So hear are a few things to bring along.

Welding Helmet

Having your welding helmet with you gives you the option to do a welding test. I’ve had a lot of people come in my shop to fill out an application and very few bring their welding helmets in. When I ask them if they could do a welding test they often tell me they didn’t bring their gear.

To be honest I keep a spare welding helmet around just for this purpose but it doesn’t always look good when you don’t bring your gear.

Welding Gloves

Finally, remember to bring your welding gloves with you as well. Having your own gear is going to help you perform much better than if you had to use other people’s gear.

So bring your own gear along just in case they want to see what kind of quality work you can do.

What You Should Not Wear To a Welding Interview

So now that you have a good idea of what you should wear to a welding job interview here are a few things you should not wear.

  • If you show up to a welding interview wearing a tank top, shorts, and sandals I can tell you’re likely not the right person for the job. I’ve had a few people show up to welding interviews like this and this doesn’t leave a great impression.
  • If you show up looking like you just rolled out of bed and you’re not happy to be there then it’s likely this will go against you and may likely not get a callback.
  • If you show up looking like you’ve been on drugs or alcohol it’s likely that you’re not going to get the job. Employers like people who look happy, work well with others, and take pride in their appearance.

Final Thoughts…

Overall if you can follow the tips in this article you’ll be ready to go for your welding interview. Welders are a peculier group of people and the important thing here is to just follow the tips in this article and be yourself and you’ll do great.

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