25 Christmas Gift Ideas For Welders – 2024 Gift Guide

Christmas gift ideas for welders

If you’re a welder or shopping for someone who is a welder, you’re probably looking for that one gift you can get for Christmas that will get them all fired up and excited. As a welder, I always seek those unique and interesting things.

In this guide, I will not share the same old stuff but rather those unique gift ideas that will cover a wide range of prices and ideas. So you’ll find it here if you’re looking for that quick stocking stuffer or that big gift that will please any welder.

By the way, if you get through the list below and want to see all the tools I normally recommend, you can check out all of my Buyers Guides by clicking here.

So, if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the welder, keep reading.

25 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Welders

#1 Welders Hoodie Sweatshirt

Funny Welder Gifts - Welder Hourly Rate Hoodie

Welders love clothes that show off their profession. Whether at work or just working on a project in the garage, they know you appreciate them when they see it.

This sweatshirt is a popular one right now that says, “I’m here to weld your crap and not take any.”

To learn more, click to check it out on Amazon.

#2 Ear Buds for Welders

DEWALT True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds — TWS Bluetooth Headphones — Wireless Earbuds with Type C Charging Case — Waterproof Wireless Earphones — Jobsite Pro-X1 Premium Sound for Outdoor Work

As a welder, one thing we like to do while welding is to listen to music. However, welding can be a loud and noisy job. With the ISO Wireless Earplug Earbuds, they give you just that.

The earplugs are OSHA-approved and can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and listen to your favorite music or podcast.

With a 22db noise reduction, 21-hour battery life with rechargeable battery case, and noise reduction mic, you’ll be able to work all day and stay compliant.

Also, they are heavy-duty built and small enough that they won’t interfere with your welding helmet.

Click here to learn more about these earbuds on Amazon.

#3 Welding Shirts of America

Welders Gift American Flag USA Patriotic Welding T-Shirt Buying for welders at times can be tough, but most welders like it when they can express their profession and the country they are proud to be a part of.

This shirt says it all without any words. The shirt comes in black only, has multiple sizes, and has options for men and women.

Click here to order this shirt on Amazon.

#4 Welding Helmet Stickers and Decals

100 Pieces Welding Stickers Hard Hat Stickers Welding Stickers Decals, Tool Box Stickers Funny Stickers for Helmet Welding Construction Worker Lineman Oilfield Electrician Decals

Welders love to add decals to their helmets that express their personality. Decals also show off who you are as a person.

Whether you like simple statements or something that will make people laugh decals and stickers are the way to do it.

Check out the full selection of them here on Amazon.

#5 The Welders Gear Bag

YESWELDER Welding Backpack Extreme Gear Pack with Helmetcatch (holds welding helmet, jacket, gloves, tools, etc.) All-In-One Heavy Duty Welder Bag

This next gift idea is great for the welder who is always traveling. The last thing you want to do is use some old ratty gym bag to keep your gear in. This can cause your helmet to get scratched or ruined, and who knows what else.

The Revco GB 100 BSX will do all of that and more. It’ll hold all your tools and gear, but it also has a helmet hatch that allows you to securely store your helmet without scratching it all up.

It also makes traveling much easier because you won’t waste time figuring out where everything’s at. With all the pockets and storage space, this is the only way to travel as a welder.

To learn more about the Revco GB 100 BSX, click here.

#6 The Grasshopper Welding Finger

Grasshopper Magnetic Welding Finger, Pull Force: 35 lbs, AGH230, Strong Hand Tools

One problem I know almost every welder has is holding small stuff while trying to weld. When you wear thick, heavy welding gloves, this is almost impossible.

That is where this handy link tool is called the Grasshopper Welding Finger. This handy little clamp puts pressure on one spot, so you don’t have to try to hold the part with your welding gloves.

This handy little clamp has a high-tension spring and magnetic base, making holding small parts a breeze. Best of all, use it on flat surfaces, rods, and pipes.

To learn more about the Grasshopper Welding Finger, click here.

#7 The Welding Business Owners Handbook

The Welding Business Owner's Hand Book: How to Start, Establish and Grow a Welding or Manufacturing Business

Being a welder is one thing, but being a welding business owner is completely different. As someone who’s been running a welding business for over 11 years, it takes a lot of knowledge and skill.

Recently I came across the Welders Business Owners Handbook and decided to buy it. I found a wealth of knowledge in this book from someone who’s been running a welding business for a long time.

So whether you’re looking at earning some money on the side or going full-time with your welding business, this could be the perfect stocking stuffer for your welder this year.

To learn more about the Welding Business Owners Handbook, click here.

#8 Beginners Tool Kit

Swpeet 7Pcs 10 Inch Scratch Wire Brush Welding Hammers Slag Removal Tool with Metal Sheet Thickness Gauges, 8 Inch Welding Plier and 10 Inch Welding Chipping Hammer with Steel Coil Spring Handle

The beginner’s tool kit is a great place to start if you’re shopping for someone new to welding.

With this kit you get seven tools and gear from welding gloves, a chipping hammer, wire gauge, plate gauge, welding pliers, and wire brush.

Best of all, you get all these tools for one sweet price, which makes it a great stocking stuffer.

To learn more about the beginner’s tool kit, click here.

#9 Going Portable

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Start Welder with Electrode Holder,Work Clamp, Input Power Adapter Cable and Brush

One of the greatest improvements with welders is that they’ve been getting smaller and smaller. Some of the first welders I used 20 years ago were as big as a tank. I might be exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.

Nowadays, you can get portable welders, like the Deko Pro Welder. This handy little welder is as small as a suitcase and runs on a normal 110 outlet.

Best of all, it’s portable and can be used nearly anywhere you want to bring it. This is the perfect option if you’re a small-time welder working out of your garage.

To learn more about the Deko Pro Portable Welder, click here.

#10 The MIG Light

Steck 23240 Mig Light /RM#G4H4E54 E4R46T32517325

As a welder, one thing you need to be able to do while welding is to be able to see what you’re welding. Once you strike that arc, it can be easy to see what you’re welding, but what about when you’re not?

This is where the MIG Light comes in handy. This heavy-duty light fastens to the neck of your welding gun, allowing you to position yourself and see where you’re welding.

These handy little tools work great when you’re in cramped, tight spots with no light. Best of all it’s light and never gets in the way and keeps light on the exact spot every time.

To learn more about the MIG Light, click here.

#11 Get Clamped

BESSEY GSL60, 24 In., 1880 Nominal Clamping Force, All-Steel, classiX Series

Welders can never have enough clamps. The Bessy Clamps are the best around for welding. These F-style clamps are strong, German-made, and withstand some of the most straining conditions.

I have owned these for over two years and have yet to break, bend, or destroy them.

To learn more, click here to check them out on Amazon.

#12 Magswitch Ground ClamMagswitch 300 Amp Magnetic Welding Ground Base Clamp Holder for Welding Kit, Tools, Supplies and Accessories, Magnet Switch with On/Off Grounding Capabilities, (8100746)

One thing every welder must have is a ground clamp. This creates a complete circuit, and your welder won’t work without it. But what do you do when you don’t have a place to clamp your ground to?

This is where the Magswitch Ground Clamp comes in handy. This little device uses a magnet instead of the normal ground clamp. So no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to ground out your welder.

It also has an easy on-off switch that allows you to turn off the magnet when you’re done easily.

To learn more about the Magswitch Ground Clamp, click here.

#13 Plugging Holes

Strong Hand Tools AGK320 Hole Plug Magnet, Hands Free Weld, Pivoting Magnetic V-Pad Base, Spring Loaded Arm, Heat Dissipating Copper Pad, 5.5" Length

Regarding it, welders love tools, especially if they make life easier. One job a welder has is to plug an unused hole in a project. If you freehand, it will likely need a lot of grinding and get stuck to the welding table.

This is where the Hole Plug Magnet comes into play. This simple little device magnetically clamps to your table and covers the bottom of your hole to help you get a smooth flat weld that will require no grinding afterward.

This little tool is small, but it is mighty and worth every penny, in my opinion.

To learn more about the Hole Plug Magnet, click here.

#14 Welding Scrap Metal Art

How To Weld Scrap Metal Art: 30 Easy Welding Projects You Can Make At Home

If you’re a welder with a full-time job, you probably have no problem doing the work all day. But what if you want to do some fun projects on the side?

I recently discovered this great book called How to Weld Scrap Metal Art. This book has 30 different easy-to-weld projects you can do, even from your home garage.

So, if you’re looking to tinker around and try out some new ideas, or you know a welder who knows this sort of thing, this is the book for you.

To learn more about this book, click here.

#15 Welders Mug

Welder Knowledge Tumbler 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup with Lid, Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug Tumbler with Straw, Durable Insulated Coffee Mug for Hiking, Camping & Traveling

If you’re a welder or know a welder, you’ll know they sometimes like to express who they are. Best of all, welders are proud of who they are, but how can they uniquely express this?

A unique way to do this is to get them the Welders Coffee Mug. This coffee mug is a unique, funny piece that will get people talking.

Best of all, it will show who you are and the type of person you are. So, if you have a spouse or a boss who is a welder, then this is the perfect gift for them.

To learn more about the Welders Coffee Mug, click here.

#16 Turn Up the Heat Infrared Thermometer SOVARCATE Digital IR Laser Thermometer Temperature Gun High and Low Temperature Alarm -58°F~1112°F / -50℃~600℃ Temperature Probe for Cooking/BBQ/Food/Fridge/Pizza Oven/Engine

One unique tool a welder needs from time to time is a way to check the temperature of the metal they are welding. If you weld metal too cold, the weld won’t adhere and will likely crack off. In other cases, depending on the metal you’re welding, you’ll need it to be heated to weld.

This is where an Infrared Laser Thermometer comes in handy. With this simple little tool, all you have to do is point and click, and it will instantly tell you how hot or cold the surface of the metal is.

We use this tool when we weld AR400 metal plates which we heat up to 300 degrees before welding.

To learn more about the Infrared Laser Thermometer, click here.

#17 I Weld For Tacos

Will Weld For Tacos I Funny Welding Coalesce T-Shirt

If the welder in your life has plenty of tools, you may get them a new shirt. But, like anything, you want it to get people talking and make you stand out.

This shirt is a great way to make yourself stand out. It also lets people know you have a quirky sense of humor and are a welder.

To learn more about this great shirt, click here.

#18 Magnetic Wristband for Welders

Tools Gifts for Men Stocking Stuffers Christmas - Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws Wrist Magnet Tool Belt Holder Cool Gadgets for Men Birthday Gifts for Dad Father Women Adults Mens Gift Ideas

For most welders, tools and small parts can be lost quickly. However, there is a solution to all of this. The magnetic Wristband.

This handy tool slips over your wrist and holds everything from small wrenches sockets, and screws. This idea makes a great stocking stuffer for family and friends.

Click here to learn more about the Magnetic Wristband to check it out on Amazon.

#19 Magnetic Digital Level

Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Magnetic Digital Level and Angle Finder Certified IP54 Dust and Water Resistant,Red Brick Maroon

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve had projects I’m working on, and I need to find an angle to something. This simple tool solves that entire problem.

The Magnetic Digital Level does just that. Set it on the part you are working on, and it will instantly tell you the angle of the part.

Ultimately, this handy little tool will save you time and patience trying to figure out the angle you should have and is a must-have tool for any welder.

To learn more about the Magnetic Digital Level, click here.

#20 MIG Gun Holder

MAG-MATE WTHM01 MIG Holder with a Magnetic Base Durable Welding Tools, Made of Stainless Steel, Prevents Damage to Torch Tips, 47.5 lb, Holding Capacity Silver

One aggravating problem I’ve encountered over the years as a welder is where I put my Welding Gun when I’m not welding. You could hang it on your welder or lay it on your welding table, but that will likely result in a damaged welding gun or, at the very least, falling on the ground.

Instead, why not get a MIG Gun Holder like the one from MAG-MATE? This handy tool holds your MIG gun and has a magnetic base that allows you to move it around where you need it.

So don’t just lay your MIG gun on the ground, you’ve likely paid a lot for that welder, and the last thing you need is a damaged MIG gun.

To learn more about the MIG Gun Holder, click here.

#21 Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Welding Shirt

Titicaca FR Shirts Flame Resistant T Shirts 100% Cotton Men's Pre-Washed Black Fire Retardant T-Shirts

Welding clothes and gear are things welders can never have enough of. These long-sleeved shirts will keep you warm while welding and safe from catching fire.

These shirts are made of 100% cotton, are flame-resistant, and are strong and durable for those long cold days of welding.

To learn more, check out these shirts on Amazon here.

#22 Welding Beanies

Lincoln Electric unisex adult Flat Lincoln Electric Welding Cap Mesh Inside Liner All American Print K3203 ALL, Graphic, One Size US

Welding can be dangerous, but if you have the right gear, then it can make all the difference. A welding beanie is great for just that. It prevents sparks from landing on you and burning your hair.

This beanie also has a longer bill that helps prevent sparks from rolling down their back. It also has a great patriotic design as well.

To learn more about this beanie, click here to check it out on Amazon.

#23 Weldings Phone Case

Personalized Welder Gifts for Dad Men Welder America Flag Custom Name Phone Case Compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 Pro/Max/XR/XS/8 Plus,Samsung S23/S22/S21/S20 FE/Plus/Ultra/A14/A54/A03s/A53

Welders love to express what they do, and their phone case is a great way to do this. Best of all, this phone case is customizable to add your name.

This Phone Case Compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 Pro/Max/XR/XS/8 Plus,Samsung S23/S22/S21/S20 FE/Plus/Ultra/A14/A54/A03s/A53

Click Here to Buy on the Welders Phone Case on Amazon

#24 Angle Clamp

KAKA INDUSTRIAL AC-60 Angle Clamp, Light-Weight, Easy Operation Angle Clamp Vice, Solid Construction, 90 Degree Welding Angle Clamp for Woodworking, Photo Framing, Welding and Framing

No welder can ever have enough clamps, specifically specialized ones. Without good-quality clamps, it’s almost impossible to fabricate something without it warping.

This is where the KAKA AC-60 Angle Clamp comes in. This handy little clamp helps you get an accurate 90-degree angle every time without having to use a square and constantly tack and tweak to get a part to get it right.

Best of all, it’s heavy-duty built for welders. When it comes down to you can’t go wrong with this clamp.

To learn more about the KAKA AC-60, click here.

#25 Tungsten Scribe

2 Pcs Welders Pencil with 48 PCS Round Refills Mechanical Pencils Metal Welding Marker for Tube Pipe Fitter Welder Steel Construction Woodworking (Red, Silver)

When it comes to being a welder, it’s all about being accurate. Things have to be built correctly, or they don’t work. This means you need to be accurate. The question is, how do you do this?

The best way to do this is with a Welders Pencil. This simple tool is designed for welders to help them mark metal accurately. It’s simple to use, can mark almost any surface, and is built to last.

Click here to Buy the Welders Pencil on Amazon.

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